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March 4 2019

  Harry K Phillips 90221 Single added 

  Direct Download
  click on Music Store
We have added 3 additional tracks
to the 90221 Project
90221 single,
Get It Right and
Fan Requested
The Blues Extended Mix

June 24 2019


The Worshipteam Project
Has Released its first Single
Produced By Harry Kevin Phillips for
12 Notes Music Group.
Available On iTunes today

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March 4 2019


Get It Right
Featuring OG Domino 
Harry K Phillips 1st Solo Project titled 90221.
 You’ll hear hip-hop, soul, funk, R&B and jazz on this album. The music is calm but also powerful and oh so funky, Many Great Musicians Added me on  this project And OG Domino 
Has Blessed this Track for your Mind and Your Soul ."Get It Right Its all in the Book"

Grown Folks Music ......


June 4 2019


Summer Time is here Lets get Busy!

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March 4 2019

  Harry K Phillips
  " The Blues
  From the 90221

  Available iTunes & Spotify



May 31 2019


New Single Released Today
Bless Your Name
New music for Tanya Dennis
           "Bless Your Name"
Gospel Music is Still alive and well. Get your house in order for this Blessing of Song
Produced by Harry K Phillips for
12 Notes Music Group

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